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Woman Shares the Grim Reality of Sitting in the Airplane Middle Seat and It's So On-Point

This is sad but true.

Some people would probably say that there are no good seats on an airplane that aren't at least in business class, but we can all agree that one seat on the place in particular is truly the worst: the middle seat. Unless you're traveling with people you already know, the middle seat means being sandwiched in between two strangers. That can be really unpleasant over the course of a flight where personal space goes right out the window! 

If you've found yourself feeling that way, just know that you're not alone. And that there's a very good chance you will totally understand why this TikTok from @kat.harkins is going viral when she shared what happened when she was stuck in the middle seat between two men on a plane.

From the view she's giving us in this video, we can easily see that the two men on either side of her are totally manspreading, taking all the room they need, while she's forced to cross her legs so she'll fit without touching them. Ugh, we've all been there! 

This is such a common phenomenon that it makes total sense that there are hundreds of comments from people who can relate.

"A man decided to manspread so much his foot was by my bag. WHILE I WAS PREGNANT," one woman wrote (FYI, this is should totally be illegal).

Another suggested, "Start foaming at the mouth and quietly ranting to yourself. They’ll pull their legs in and shift towards the aisle and the window." LOL! 

Men on flights, take note: Leave room for the person in the middle of the seat to take up space, too! Or, even better, offer her the window seat. That's the way to be a true gentleman.