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Man's Warning About the Reality of Hotel Safes Is Too Important to Ignore

We greatly depend on hotel safes keep our valuables protected while we travel. When you've got extra cash, documents, jewelry, and other important items, you don''t want to just leave them out in the open! Most of us operate thinking that our stuff we be kept safe if we lock it up before leaving our hotel room.

Think twice, though- not all hotel safes are really that safe! TikTok user and master lock-breaker @leonardo.ambitious knows of a significant loophole that could leave your valuables up for grabs, and in this video, he shows us how to check the hotel safe to see if it's really secure.

This is super important, because a lot of thieves will definitely know this trick and attempt it. If you can unlock the safe with a generic master code, anyone can! Always check!

"What happens if they had changed the master combination? They just have a different code to it anyway yes?" wondered @talya8997. "Yeah but some random that breaks into your hotel room (super easy to do) could break in if the master code isn't changed. If the master code is changed than you know its hotel staff stealing," explained @joebedogne. No matter where you go, the staff will have some for of master key to open their safes in case they malfunction. The point is to secure it so that nobody not on the staff can break in!

There's not an easy solution to the problem. Some proposed locking your valuables up in your suitcase and putting an airtag on it in case it gets stolen. However you choose to protect your valuables when traveling, though, just be smart and double-check everything.