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Comedian's Hilarious Rant About the Reality of 'Girls Trips' Couldn't Be More Accurate

The claws always seem to come out.

At first, taking a girls' trip seems like a good idea — and for some friend groups who are always low key, they really can be! But it seems inevitable that, on any given trip, there's going to be at least a little drama. And it makes sense, because after spending that much time with others and not having any downtime to yourself, people are bound to disagree at some point. 

If you know what we're talking about, you're probably going to relate to this TikTok from @leahrudick. During her stand up comedy act, she explained why girls' trips are the worst, and we just have to laugh.

She said that even though women seem like they're polite to each other, they're actually filled with a "seething rage" that comes out when we're doing something like choosing beds while on a trip with other girls. Women might act like they don't mind where they sleep, but actually, they do.

"On the inside, we're like, 'I swear to god, if Bridget gets the master bedroom, I will slaughter her, put her head on a stake, and smear her fresh blood on my cheeks," Leah joked.

Okay, so most of us won't take it that far, but she's definitely right. And commenters on the video seem to agree with her, too.

"I love my friends, truly I do, so much so I want them to have their OWN space, in order for me to have mine," one woman wrote, along with another who shared that she was dreading a bachelorette party in Vegas she was about to head to.

Next time you take a girls' trip, just remember to grab your bed first and avoid having to feel that rage. You'll thank us later!