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Couple’s Video Showing What It’s Really Like to Fly Private Has Us Green With Envy

Have you ever wondered just how amazing it really is to fly on a private jet? Other than having the plane all to yourselves, there are actually so many added bonuses that make flying commercial seem a thing of the past, if one has the funds. From not having to worry about arriving at the airport 2 hours early, to not having the stress of someone kicking the back of your seat, it really does seem pretty incredible. Spoiler alert: it’s actually even better than we imagined.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @luxetravelcouple, they share their private jet experience, and it’s something that makes all air travel lovers and haters envious of their journey. You’re going to want to tune into this one. 

Wow! After seeing this video, we realize just how much better flying private is than braving the hell of commercial! There are so many perks, and having no one waiting in the lounge is one of the best parts. 

The cost must be outrageous, and many of the commenters agree that no ordinary person can fly private. One TikTok user, @munachimso said, “Can’t afford either of these, but thanks for the visual that I will never see in person, but good for hoping and wishing.” We’re definitely adding hopping a private jet to our manifestation list. Other people are curious about the price of such a luxury. When asked, this well-off couple responded, “I’m scared to say 🥲.” If we had to guess? We’d say it’s somewhere in the ballpark of tens of thousands of dollars. Yeah. Guess economy class is going to have to cut it until we hit the lottery or something.

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