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Video Showing the Reality of What People Look Like in Infinity Pools Is Going Viral

Well this takes the allure right out of it.

When vacationing, staying somewhere that has a pool is a major plus, but it's even better when it's an infinity pool. Not only are they cool to look at, but they make for great photos for anyone out there doing it for the 'Gram. Who doesn't look awesome while in an infinity pool? 

Um, as it turns out, everyone. Thanks to @sometimesmamayells on TikTok, we get to see what people look like in an infinity pool from the perspective of someone outside of the pool, and y'all, it ain't good. She shared a video she took from the other side of the pool's invisible wall, and OMG — there's no way to describe this in words, so you'll have to see it for yourself.

Yeah, nobody here looks cool. In fact, it's pretty funny to see their bodies just floating there. It's no wonder this video went viral! Some people are totally shocked by what it looks like, and many didn't realize the wall would be see-through.

"The fact that NO ONE has shown this side before makes me mad lol. We’ve been tricked!" one commenter wrote. 

"So infinity pools are just human aquariums? Got it," another person added.

This won't keep us from getting hyped up about an infinity pool during our next vacation... though it will deflate our ego while we're in them just a bit. Ha!