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Video Showing the Grim Reality of Handrails on Moving Walkways Is Downright Horrific

We're never touching one of these again.

Living through the last few years really changed the way many of us look at personal hygiene... whether that means ourselves, others, or both. Frankly, if you're washing your hands a lot more often these days, you're not alone, and it's not a bad habit to pick up, especially while traveling. 

Germs are basically everywhere in an airport — this is not breaking news. Wiping down surfaces on the airplane before taking a seat is something many people have been doing for years, but as it turns out, there's something we should have been more mindful of before we even board the plane: The handrail on the moving walkway at the airport, as evidenced by a video from @vt on TikTok.

The person in the video held the railing with a wipe and showed what the wipe looked like after less than 20 seconds. You can probably guess, but the color alone is enough to make us never want to touch one of those rails again! 

Some people in the comments insisted that at least some of that grime is oil that helps keep the rail running, but we're not too convinced. It's a germy, high contact spot, so it can't hurt if we just swear off touching these ever again, can it? Or at least, wash our hands immediately afterwards if we do?

Yeah, we'll take our chances tripping over our own luggage before we lay a hand on one of those rails again. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to pack an extra bottle of hand sanitizer in our carry on, too?