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Woman Shares the Reality of Taking an Alaskan Cruise and It's So Spot-On

Alaska is known world-wide for its rugged beauty and majestic natural splendor. With its towering snowy mountains, millions of vast acres of boreal forest, and diverse wildlife, Alaska is a land of sheer natural beauty.

However, despite being a beacon for conservationists, wildlife experts, and outdoor enthusiasts, Alaska is often overlooked by the cruise-going crowd, despite dozens of cruise ships visiting Alaska each year. TikTok user @sierraanderson768 shared a video of her recent Alaskan cruise experience, with the description simply stating "Where's the party at?" Compared to videos of bustling cruises taken on trips to warmer climates, the atmosphere in this TikTok is definitely much more quiet.

Despite Soulja Boy bumping in the background, the deck of the cruise ship is quiet and mostly empty! The poor DJ, too- it's one thing to have a tough crowd, but no crowd at all? He's doing his best to keep the energy going though, despite the lack of partygoers.

Apparently though, the phenomenon of Alaskan cruises being quieter and more low-key isn't an uncommon one. User @hendawg86 replied, "Been on two, it’s always a lot of older people who are there for the food and the views :(." User @trails4life also chimed in: "Been on 2 Mexicos and 1 Alaska. Mexico was way more fun. Alaska was beautiful though."

What did people think of the low-key vibes and lack of fellow travelers? Some were put off by how empty it was. "Yikes. Hard Pass. Especially with DJ Alone," said @don_marivs. However, some people found the lack of crowds to be a huge bonus! "You mean you get a whole cruise ship to yourself? Heck yeah," said @riotsoup. Another user commented: "Just did that two weeks ago and it was awesome. Nothing was crowded, I think I only shared an elevator maybe 5 times."

Why do Alaskan cruises tend to be emptier? Maybe most cruise-goers prefer trips where they can have fun in the warm sun, or perhaps the folks who want to visit Alaska prefer trips where they can get more up close and personal with nature than they can on a cruise. Regardless, if you're planning an Alaskan cruise, you may be in for more of a low-key relaxing ride than a big floating party. Either way, no matter what vibes your cruise ends up having- be sure to tip your DJ!!!

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