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Breaking News About Traveling with 'Real ID' Is a Game-Changer

If you live in America and travel frequently, you're probably concerned about the shift to REAL ID. The Depart of Homeland Security will eventually require all US citizens to have a special ID card called a REAL ID to board domestic flights (unless they have an alternative form of identification like a passport). The REAL ID deadline was May 2023- but things have changed.

TikTok travel tips expert @travelwiththeharmony has breaking news regarding the REAL ID deadline. Hopefully we'll all breathe a little easier after this.

 Phew! That's a relief. Another two years has been tacked onto the deadline- those without the REAL ID will be good up until May 2025. If you weren't aware of this upcoming change, or if you've run into issues getting your ID updated, you've got a little bit of leeway.

This is not the first time the REAL ID deadline has been pushed back, though- the act requiring the conversion was originally passed all the way back in 2005. "They’ve been pushing it back every year for the last 3 years," pointed out @lifewith_sierra. At this point, it's slated to go into effect twenty years after the act was originally passed. By the time we get to 2025, who knows if they'll delay it again?

Some people were pretty upset, having rushed to get their special IDs in time. "When I tell you I rushed and jumped through hoops for mines," lamented @hotcheetomomi. At this point, many people don't see any reason to stress over it anymore. "I’ve yet to get mine. I’ll wait til my current license expires, it’s not that deep," responded @yolandayevette. "Will avoid the DMV as long as possible. Passport babyyyy," declared @brandbarista.

And there's the kicker right there- as long as you have a valid passport and don't mind bringing it with you on domestic flights, you'd be fine even with just a standard drivers license. "As a travel agent, I just tell everyone to get a passport. They’ve been pushing this date back since what 2017?" advised @kerib84. If you don't have a valid passport and can't get one for some reason, you may want to go ahead and get your REAL ID made before May 2025 (though there's no telling if they'll just push the deadline back again). If your passport's good though, you may as well just wait until your current ID expires to renew.

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