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New 'Random Trip' Trend in Japan Actually Sounds Pretty Amazing

The entire world was affected the the pandemic and the lockdowns over the past few years, and some countries had it worse than others. Japan, which for a long time had some of the tightest covid restrictions in the world, saw a major slump in its travel industry. As a way to retivalize their travel and tourism industry, they're switching things up with a very intriguing trend.

The TikTok account for the @worldeconomicforum has documented the "random trip" trend that is taking off in Japan. Many Japanese railway and airline companies are selling heavily discounted tickets that send people to randomly selected destinations chosen by lottery. They give us the rundown in this video.

What do you think about this trend? Is this something you could see yourself doing? According to the video, it seems that some of the appeal is the surprise of not knowing where you're going- it takes the hassle out of a picking a destination, as they suggest. It must be sending people to some pretty sweet destinations, because the "random trip" trend continues to grow!

People were eating this up in the comments. "Yes! Cool! There something interesting everywhere. Especially with overcrowded tourist sites. 🖼🌏🌐," praised @tomlegonova.  "Great idea!" agreed @backchannelnan. "I'd do it in the USA," said another user. Could there be enough economic incentive for programs like this in the US? We'd love to try it ourselves if it ever takes off here!

We are glad to see this becoming so popular as a way to make fun trips more affordable and accessible to everyone in Japan! We hope this eventually leads to Japan opening up their borders so tourists can freely visit their beautiful country once more, too!