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New Food Experience at Raleigh-Durham Airport Is a Blast From the Past

While many airports offer delicious culinary options to tide you over while you wait for your next flight, having to wait in long lines can be a hassle. If you're on the move and don't have tons of time to stand in line, but want to grab a bite before you board, what do you do?

Well, if you happen to be at the Raleigh-Durham Airport in North Carolina, you can try this rave new food ordering service that speeds up the process of grabbing your munchies by a lot! Although this alternative kitchen is touted as "the future of airport food" by TikTok user @zoltronic, who shared his experience using the novel service, many are saying that it's actually more of a blast from the past. Check it out!

No slow-moving lines, no awkward interactions as you try to order over the loud background noise- you simply preorder what you want on a touchscreen, punch in your assigned code to your locker, and bam, fresh food awaits! 

People in the comments were blown away by this innovative service. User @wheretonextbecks said "Tried this out the other week! Definitely beat standing in the Starbucks line for a chai latte." One user, @nicolelollipops, humorously observed: "Can you imagine the Karens trying to yell in someone else’s box for their wrong order?!!!😂" LOL! Sounds like this service could provide some much needed relief for the chefs, too!

Despite the touchscreens and futuristic neon lighting, though, many remarked that this "food locker" thing is actually more of a throwback. "A modern take on the Automat," remarked user @stevenmosley593. "Never heard of an automat eh? It’s not new technology. It’s old reinvented," added user @liteninbug.

Automats, for those not in the know, are quick-service restaurants that operate like vending machines-you input your payment and order, the food is quickly prepared, then it's vended out to the customer. These restaurants were popular in the United States in the 1940's and 50's, but fell out of style with the advent of the modern fast-food restaurant. Automat-style restaurants are still popular in places like Japan and the Netherlands, and it seems like some places in America, such as the RDU Airport, are trying to bring them back!

Whether you see this as a retro throwback to the automat or an innovative new way to order food, try it out if you visit the Raleigh-Durham Airport!

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