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Video of 'Forgotten Experience' at Disney's 'Animal Kingdom' Shares a True Hidden Gem

Beat the crowds by checking out Rafiki's Planet Watch.

If you've been to Disney World lately, you know there's a lot to do there, so it's easy to miss a few things during your visit. This includes Animal Kingdom, the theme park focused on animals, preservation, and the environment. Between rides like Flight of Passage and Expedition Everest, there are a lot of experiences to overwhelm you, but you might be missing out on something really cool. 

Thanks to @wdwinfo, we now know exactly where we're headed first the next time we find ourselves in Animal Kingdom: Rafiki's Planet Watch. In a TikTok video, they shared the "forgotten land" in the park, which was once far more popular than it is now.

Still, knowing that this isn't exactly where crowds are flocking these days makes it all the more appealing. Who doesn't want to get away from all the people?

Located near Kilimanjaro Safaris, guests will have to board a train in order to get to Rafiki's Planet Watch, themed after the character from The Lion King, and the train is an experience in itself (with seating, which is a major plus if your legs are getting tired). 

Once you arrive, you'll find a petting zoo, which is the perfect place for little ones to blow off some energy, and inside the building, you can get a behind the scenes peek at the veterinarians at Disney doing work. Sometimes, you'll even get to watch a procedure being done!

And, of course, the air conditioning simply cannot be underestimated, and drinks are available for purchase, too (along with a restroom that will almost never have a wait). 

It's such a cool experience, but because it's so hidden, so many people don't even realize it's there. Next time you're at Disney, make sure to check it out!