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Video Tour of the Queen's Bedroom on the Royal Yacht 'Britannia' Is a Sight to See

With the recent passing of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II and the ascendancy of Prince Charles to the throne, the United Kingdom is currently in a period of mourning. Many who are fascinated by the monarchy are reminiscing about anything tied to the late Elizabeth.

Many people have gotten to visit places of import to the Royal Family such as Buckingham Palace, but the interior of the family's yacht, the Royal Yacht Britannia, has not been viewed nearly as often by the public. However, with the recent fascination and attention the British aristocracy has been receiving, we're seeing more and more glimpses into the private lives of the royals. TikTok user @travelandwonder is currently exploring many of Britain's royal sites, and they went aboard the Britannia to show off the former queen's private bedroom.

It's actually surprising- compared to how ostentatious many of the Royal Family's properties are, this room is fairly subdued. Still, even in its simplicity, it's a sizeable enough room that you wouldn't expect it to be on a boat- it feels like something out of a nice country estate. It lacks nothing in comfort or taste. It even has a charming throw pillow of Elizabeth's favorite breed of dog, the corgi.

Mourners and those fascinated by Queen Elizabeth flooded the comments, surprised at how quaint and understated her room was. "I think it’s charming and unpretentious," remarked @momoandcookiesmommy. "Not that impressive but I know she loved that ship," @tragicmagicworld said. "Not even a queen bed for the queen😂," joked @katcoe. Hey, everyone knows you travel light on a boat- no need to break out the huge beds.

And of course, the corgi pillow charmed everyone. "THE STUFFY CORGI AW," @violetz4roses cried. Lovers of the Royal Family have always been charmed by the Queen's hobby of breeding corgis. Perhaps the saddest part of the Queen's recent demise is thinking of all her precious pups that she left behind... but there's no doubt they will be well cared for in her memory.