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Qatar Airlines' Luxe 'Couple Suites' Are Totally Over-the-Top

Joining the mile high club might be possible with this set up.

When it comes to defining what first class really is, some airlines do it way better than others. Sometimes, first class means a big, comfy seat, free champagne, and a much less stressful flying experience. But certain airlines — especially those who offer suites — really make flying seem like a vacation in itself.

One of those super luxurious options is Qatar Airlines Q Suites, and if you have to cash, you may not ever want to get off the plane. And as @maxmilespoints shared in a video on TikTok, their Couple Suites are next level for anyone who happens to be taking a romantic getaway.

He and his partner were flying between Doha and Los Angeles, which was a 16 hour flight (yikes) — a good a time as any to splurge on a more comfortable experience, whether you're paying with miles or money. They chose a couple suite, which includes two seats together that are separated with a privacy door. Passengers in these seats are treated to a glass of champagne, along with amenity kits that include Diptyque products. 

Even the meals are romantic, with tablecloths on the oversized tray tables and a battery powered candle to set the mod. Their meal itself was impressive, too — they had lobster for dinner! 

Nighttime in the couple suite means having their beds made up by flight attendants, changing into free pajamas. They went to sleep and got up for a midnight snack, and when it was over, he said, "that 16 hours went by fast" and we can see why.

If you've got the cash or miles to spend and are planning a romantic trip, this suite definitely looks worth it. What a cool experience!