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Vending Machine With Local Food in Italian Airport Is Simply The Best

Maybe you've encountered this issue when traveling internationally: you've found a local brand of wine that you'd love to take home as a souvenir. But then you hit a snag: you don't have enough space to fit it in your luggage and can't bring liquids through security. You can get something at the duty-free store, but it won't be the same.

It's a common dilemma, but luckily, the Bari Airport in Puglia, Italy has a pretty neat work-around! Lauren Quacquarelli, aka @italianlife on TikTok, lets us in on the deets.

This is amazing! Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. These aren't just Italian brands- they're specifically local brands from vineyards, farms, and manufacturers in the region. If you fell in love with a winery in the region of Puglia, there's a chance they may have a couple of their bottles in this vending machine... not to mention the local cheeses, pasta, taralli, and other goodies in there. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it. The prices don't seem half-bad either- definitely a plus if you're reaching the end of your trip budget!

Other travelers through Bari Airport are enamored with this handy little vending machine. "Absolutely love it. Each time when I go to my holiday home @galipoli I buy so much for there ha ha ha," shared @eded784. "...My mum spent like 50 quid here oh my god," admitted @lucillagarland. "OMG I bought from that," recognized @frostealogic. 

Making up the "heel" of Italy's boot, the Southern region of Puglia is known for delicious foods like the iconic orchiette pasta, rich red wines, stunning sheep's milk cheeses, and creamy burrata. To return home without a culinary souvenir would be a crime. So if you find yourself flying through Bari Airport without any extra space in your luggage, don't despair- just visit this vending machine before you fly! 

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