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Restaurant That's Literally in a Pool in Puerto Vallarta Is Downright Incredible

You'll have to check your shoes at the door.

Spending most of our time in the pool while on vacation sounds really appealing, but we know we'll have to drag ourselves away to sleep and for meals... or will we? Not in one restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, anyway.

If you've ever wished you could eat without getting out of the pool, this place is definitely for you. Thanks to @theshayspence on TikTok, we now know that a restaurant exists where all of the tables are in a pool, meaning that you can take your shoes off and enjoy relaxing in the water while you eat. No, this is not a joke — you have to see it for yourself.

Can we talk about that view of the ocean while you eat? This is amazing!

Patrons at the restaurant, which is called Mar y Vino, have to remove their shoes when they enter, and they are known for their seafood. And like the video recommends, we'd definitely want to visit at sunset for those gorgeous views. Imagine the potential for Instagram pictures here! 

Though people in the comments did admit they were concerned about what would happen to food that people dropped, otherwise, this seems like a really relaxing atmosphere (provided the other diners were clean about it). 

Next time we're in Mexico, we definitely have to try to stop by this place. There aren't many other places in the world quite like this.