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Woman's Whole Family Surprises Her in Italy for Her Proposal and We Are in Tears

She got two huge surprises all at once!

Depending on the couple involved, some people like to keep their marriage proposals more low-key, while others love to plan something special — that's why so many of them happen while people are traveling together! When you combine a fun, romantic trip with some shiny new jewelry and a major life commitment, how can it possibly get better? 

By including everyone the couple loves most in their lives, of course. The sister of a bride-to-be, @luisadelucaa on TikTok, shared how her sister's fiancé surprised her with her whole family in Italy after proposing, and OMG... we're having all the emotions watching this video! 

In the video, we can see that the proposal itself took place somewhere gorgeous with a view of the water, but it only got better when she turned around and realized that her entire family had been standing behind them the whole time. The look on her face is too good! 

This obviously made the moment he got down on one knee all the more special for her, and there were plenty of people around to cheer when she said yes.

"I love how she’s surprised by her family but still focusing on her man," one commenter wrote. 

"This has to be one of the cutest proposals I’ve ever seen!" another person shared — a pretty common sentiment among those who watched the video. 

This is a pretty impressive start to happily ever after for this couple. After a proposal like this, how are they gonna top it with the wedding? 

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