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Luxury Private Jet That Comes Complete With 2 Bedrooms Is Mind-Blowing

Private jets are pretty much known for being extravagant and over-the-top. One private jet that we're looking at today, however, takes extravagance to the next level.

The TikTok account @estates.everywhere documents luxury homes, hotels, and flights from all over the world. Today, they take us aboard a private Boeing 737 airplane. It has all the usual luxury amenities, but it also has something else... full bedrooms for its passengers to catch some in-flight shut-eye.

We've seen first-class high-end flights provide pull-out beds for the passengers before, but this is on a whole other level. What would it even be like trying to sleep on a full bed in flight? We'd imagine it'd be peaceful for a bit- up until a rough patch of turbulence shook you awake! We weren't the only ones who had this thought, either! "Imagine bad turbulence while laying in the bed lol," said one user. "And on a normal plane they keep telling us to stay in our seat with the seat belt on," mused @jimmys_dad007.

With or without turbulence, some commenters saw one potential upshot of these rooms... "Talk about mile high club 😏," smirked @richtabor3. Bow chicka wow wow!

It's certainly an interesting aircraft... but a bit out of viewers' price range. "So what. My apartment in the projects got 2 bedrooms," joked @xxtrameat. LMAO. "Looks just like the one I don’t have 😂," quipped @tundraguy71. We'll just be content pulling down an eye mask and leaning back the seat a bit when we need an in-flight nap on a long-haul flight!