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Video of $30k 'Disney' Cruise Ship Suite Is the Stuff of Dreams

We have seen so many Disney cruise ships and hotels upping the ante on extravagant decor and loads of space, but how much are you willing to pay for a room with all the works? 

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @theshayspence, he gives us a tour of the illustrious Princess Aurora Suite on the new Disney Wish ship, and let's just say you get more than your money's worth. Between the multiple bedrooms, lavish private deck, and luxurious bathroom, this is pretty much the definition of paradise at sea. 

Sheesh. Some people sure know how to travel in style! The bathroom alone is bigger than most standard cabins! The floor to ceiling windows are really beautiful, and we're sure they look amazing while cruising on the open water. The personal hot tub is also an added bonus, and we can only imagine how nice it is to sit and have a soak after hours.

However, as gorgeous as this suite is, some people are not impressed. Many of them think the price severely outweighs any of the accommodations. Commenter @jersey0732 said, "I have a hard time believing that even if I was rich, I would spend that kind of money like this 😳😅". Then again, that's something you probably wouldn't know unless you had that kind of cash.

Another comment from user @clh507 highlighted the sheer lavishness of having so much room for such a short stay, saying, "Why would someone on a cruise needs that much closet space 😳 for 3 nights?" Something tells us the 3-night itinerary is just one of many voyages that this ship has to offer. But for stays longer than 3 nights, how much does the price skyrocket? Probably quite a bit. But hey, more power to anyone who's able to shell out this much money for a cruise vacation. We'd happily trade places with them in a heartbeat! 

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