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'Princess' Cruise Line Is Offering an Unbelievable Deal for an Alaskan Cruise for Two

It's pretty hard to pass this one up!

Taking an Alaskan cruise is a big bucket list item for a lot of people, but it's not accessible to everyone. After all, there are only a few ports in the contiguous United States that ships headed for Alaska depart from. And then, there's the fact that they're usually pretty cost prohibitive, because it's not a cheap cruise to take!

If the cost of an Alaskan cruise is what's been holding you back from taking one, you're going to like this deal with Princess Cruise Line. As @travel.w.emma shared in a TikTok video, it's now possible to take a seven day cruise to Alaska for under $200 — whoa! 

The deal comes from XPASS, a fitness subscription that works at boutique chains like Pure Barre and Row House. If you buy an XPASS Gold Plan, you'll get 60 workouts to use throughout the year, and be able to take part in this awesome Alaskan cruise benefit that will allow you to book a cruise to Alaska departing in May 2023 for just $148 per person in an interior stateroom — the total for two people comes to $298. According to the video, a cruise like this would usually be over $1,200 for two people, so those are some significant savings. 

Of course, paying for the subscription is required to get the deal. The gold membership level costs $99 per month, but if you're planning to pay for gym classes this year anyway, the added perk of the deeply discounted cruise is a very good deal... or it might just encourage you to make fitness a priority this year, which is a bonus, too. 

Will you be taking advantage of this deal? We can see how for some travelers, it would be totally worth it.