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Video of 'Sketchiest Trail' at 'Acadia National Park' Makes Our Palms Sweat

This definitely isn't a trail for beginner hikers.

For many, hiking can be a relaxing experience. You can take in nature, unplug from your phone and all the things that might be stressing you out, and get a little exercise all at the same time — sounds like a great way to take a break from reality. But for others, hiking is a more extreme sport, and those are the people who are going to love a trail like this!

On TikTok, @jimmynomad shared his view of hiking what he called the "sketchiest trail at Acadia National Park," and after seeing this video, we're inclined to agree with his assessment. The trail is called the Precipice Trail, and the fact that it comes with a long list of warnings at the beginning is what should tip people off immediately that a trail like this isn't for beginners! 

There are boulders, there is unsteady terrain, and for some of it, a metal rung or ladder is the only thing keeping you from plummeting to your death (or at least to a very gruesome injury). Whoa!

There is a reward to all that danger, though — once you make it up that sketchy mountain, the views are amazing! It definitely requires a very experienced climber who is equipped for this kind of hike, though.

Many people commented on the video who have hiked this trail or know someone who has, agreeing that it's quite scary. 

"I think this is where my cousin fell and had to get rescued by a helicopter," one person wrote.

Yikes. At least it sounds like their cousin managed to survive the fall? 

We're leaving this to the professionals, but it looks like the view is definitely worth it.