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Unique 'Potato Hotel' Near Boise Is So Quintessentially 'Idaho'

If we asked you what food you associate with Idaho, we bet you'd think of just one thing: potatoes. Potatoes are integral to Idaho's economy- they produce about 1/3 of all the nation's potatoes. So what could be more "Idaho" than a giant potato?!

No, we're not losing it- we're just talking about the one-and-only Idaho Potato Hotel in Boise, a one-room hotel built in the shape of the state's biggest vegetable export. Travel vlogger @beforethecoffin stayed the night inside the surprisingly cozy potato!

Usually, when you call something a "potato," you're implying that it's pretty crappy, but THIS potato is anything but! We thought the bedroom itself looked totally cozy, but we were totally sold by that amazing bathroom! Who would have thought that a giant potato hotel in the middle of a field in Idaho would be so deluxe? Between the comfortable bedroom, amazing bathroom, and the friendly cows outside (we wanna say hi to Dolly the Cow too!), this place is a surprising sweet stay!

People were both pleasantly surprised by how nice the hotel was and amused by its hilariously quaint exterior. "I all of a SPUDDEN wanna visit a Potato now," @1stackhouse1 quipped. "Low key would love come here on a honeymoon, conceive a child and nickname the child Tater Tot secretly hoping for the day my child asks why," @brandyddrake hilariously schemed. "I need to hug Dolly the cow. It’s a need," declared @alejandradarling666- OK, but honestly, same.

So what happens if you've decided you're ready to spend the night inside a potato? Simple- you can book your stay at the Big Idaho Potato Hotel's Airbnb link, listed here. We just have one request- if you see Dolly the Cow, give her a hug from us!

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