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Woman's Epic 'Bathroom' Experience in Positano Is Giving Us Life

Usually, our trips to the bathroom are mundane at best, traumatizing at worst (we've all been there...). However, you can encounter a lot of unexpected things while traveling abroad, even down to some bizarre or unique bathrooms. One woman's trip to the toilet in Positano, Italy was unexpectedly fab!

TikTok user @holly_burt probably wasn't expecting anything major when she asked to use the bathoom. However, her journey started with a comically large key and ended with a scenic surprise!

That is not at all what we expected. The key had us cracking up- it looked like something ceremonial, or what you would use to unlock the door to an old castle. But our laughter turned into gasps of surprise when she opened the door! Honestly, if every bathroom came with a view that nice, we probably wouldn't be staring at our phones while we do our business! That open window probably helps clear out the bad smells too- no need for air freshener here!

The video blew up, gaining millions of views, and viewers were just as surprised by the beautiful bathroom as we were! "NYC be charging $3200 for that bathroom with that view!" joked @greygreyson21. Evidentally, people would still jump on that leasing, as @smuley90 asked: "Is the bathroom rentable? Need a new apartment."

"And suddenly I never needed to experience a bathroom more!" said @aubreymumper. "The Family Guy VIP bathroom," @m.f.angel. "Adding this to my bucket list," stated @alalemridha. We never thought a bathroom would make its way on anyone's bucket list... but to be honest, if we're ever in Positano, we'd wanna check this place out for ourselves, too! 

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