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Video of Pool Made for 'Walking Not Swimming' in the Netherlands Has People Shook

It's amazing how easy it can be to trick our brains into perceiving something impossible with an optical illusion. By playing just a few visual tricks, we can fool our minds into believing we're seeing impossible shapes, shifting images, and gravity-defying phenomena. In fact, many parks and museums display pieces that evidence the art of optical illusions, such as the Museum Voorlinden in the Netherlands.

Among the many stunning pieces the Museum Voorlinden houses, one of its highlights is Leandro Erlich's Swimming Pool, an interactive installation that seemingly breaks the laws of physics. TikTok user @dokrateemod takes us on a walk- yes, a walk, not a swim- through the psychedelic pool.

This is mindbending. The illusion is so convincing- for half a moment, we almost believed that the laws of physics were bent, and the visitors at the bottom of the pool could climb up into the floating water! It's so dreamlike and surreal that it almost takes you aback- but in a fun and exciting way!

How was Leandro Elrich able to capture the illusion so effectively? The answer is rather quite simple: "For anyone confused, there's a glass on the surface and water on top of it, therefore there's nothing underneath," @yourfavmasc succinctly explained. Despite the simple, even obvious, explanation, the trippy effect of the piece still hypnotized many of its viewers.

"My mind is not processing it may need a reboot," commented @julia_nicole255. "This is how it feels to go underwater in a dream," described @dundunduhhhh. "If that were me I’d lay down to make people think I drowned," joked @oldgravy1234. Now that's just a little mean- this exhibit is already messing with people's heads enough as it is, LOL!

"They in the Upside Down fr," quipped @therealmae556. Thankfully, the museum keeps Kate Bush playing down there at all times- OK, that's not true, but we're sure it'd be a comfort to Stranger Things fans if they did!

This piece is a dreamlike gem, and we can only imagine how trippy it is to experience it in person. Swimming Pool is only one of the many fantastic pieces the Museum Voorlinden has- if you get the chance, make a visit, and you may even get to walk through the non-swimming pool yourself!