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Disney Blog Dishes On Bougiest Villas at Disney World

A family trip to Disney World is already a pricey prospect even before factoring in accommodations. For families trying to save, hotel options like Disney's All-Star Resorts are fairly budget friendly. But what if you had no spending limit- how bougie could you get? 

If you're curious about Disney's more upscale options, Disney TikTok vlog @disneyfoodblog dishes on one of Disney World's "bougiest places" to stay. Be warned, though- even one night here will cost you a pretty penny.

Whoa. The Polynesian Resort is already one of Disney World's more costly stays: rates for even the most basic rooms start around $640 per night during the off-season. If you want to go all-out and reserve one of their bungalows, expect to dig deep into your pockets.

Still, we can understand the appeal- the bungalows are really attractive, and the private deck and plunge pool would be a nice space to unwind with your family after a long day of walking through the parks. If you're looking for a super deluxe place to stay on the Disney World property, the Bora Bora Bungalows are really good.

But are they $2.4k (minimum) a night good? Most people understandably choked at that price point! "It was legit cheaper for us to go to actual Bora Bora and stay in the OWB at the Four Seasons. Still would love to stay in one of these for a night," said @kat.wind. 

However, there is a way to make this staggering price point more manageable- using Disney Vacation Club points. "We stayed a few years ago and it was awesome! We had DVC points to burn that wouldn’t bank and it was a great way to use them!" @araleigh90 exclaimed. "I booked a DVC room for $136 which was an amazing steal for the Poly, and then got upgraded to a bungalow. It was a dream," described @call_me_meredith. Lucky! 

Ultimately, we think that when it comes to Disney World, the accommodations you choose matter less than your actual experience in the parks themselves. That said, if you're a Disney Vacation Club member with a lot of points to spend, look into what options you have available. You just might get the opportunity to score one of Disney World's bougiest stays on the cheap!

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