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Woman's Life In the Arctic Circle During Months-Long 'Polar Night' Is Surprisingly Charming

One strange phenomenon that only happens within the Arctic and Antarctic Circles is the polar day/night. Because of how the earth rotates in relation to the sun, the poles experience a phenomenon where the sun doesn't set for months on end- and conversely, where there are months of sunless dark.

Some people find the long dark polar night to be depressing, but not Svalbard resident Cecilia Blomdahl, aka @sejsejlia. A TikTok user who vlogs about life within the Arctic Circle, she talks about why she actually loves the polar night!

We never thought we'd think of months-long nighttime as charming, but Cecilia actually makes it seem rather cozy. The glittering lights all over settlements on the island of Svalbard really do make it seem almost like a Hallmark movie, and the traditions they have during this time of year are fun, too- like a torch walk to welcome Santa Claus, how cool is that? With the warm furnace fires ablaze and the Christmas decorations put up, it makes everything feel like a prolonged Christmas Eve. And then, of course, you can enjoy looking up at the luminous Northern Lights- even in the middle of the "day"! We never thought we'd say this, but we see the appeal!

Some people were totally on board with the idea of polar night. "I would LOVE this! Especially if I could work from my cozy bed and only go out on my own terms," exclaimed @la_alldaye. "I would love it too. I hate the summer. Hate it. Love fall and winter," agreed @toristrum.

However, the months of darkness would still prove to be too much for some. "I don't think I could handle it. I genuinely get depressed when it gets dark out so early in the winter," said @wendi3076. "It makes me cry when the sun goes down before 5pm I couldn't cope," admitted @megan91083. Fair enough! These extreme conditions certainly aren't for everybody.

While we're not sure if we could handle all four months of polar night ourselves, we'd certainly love to spend a week or two there during it some day. Our world is so strange and beautiful sometimes that we'd love to know what the long night in the Arctic Circle feels like. And hey, maybe we could join that Santa Claus torch walk, too!

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