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Man's Tour of One of the 'Cheapest Hotels in New York City' Isn't What We Expected

When traveling on a budget, it's always important to strike a balance when searching for accommodations- you need to stay within your budget, but a lot of times if you go too cheap, you can end up somewhere that's unsafe, unsanitary, or problematic for other reasons. However, one TikTok traveler has highlighted a cheap hotel option in NYC that's quite nice for a low price!

Mark of the TikTok account @financeunfolded is big on showing his followers how to save money, find thrifty deals, and score discounts. In this brief video, he shows off a pod hotel in Manhattan- one of the cheapest hotels you can score in New York. While the room isn't fancy, it's really only meant for short-term stays, and we gotta say that for a budget hotel, it doesn't look half bad!

OK, the accommodations check out- simple, but very sleek and clean. We admit we were a little peeved that we had to zoom in on his computer screen to peep the prices, but we could see that the rooms there go for around $115-129 a night. Still not super cheap by most standards, but for a hotel right in the middle of Times Square, it certainly beats its competitors.

"I heard capsule hotel and thought of the ones in Japan and was surprised," mused @markymarkov. We were surprised as well- compared to the ultra-tight capsule hotels popular in Japan, this room is practically a penthouse suite! "It’s about the size of a Holiday Inn express room in NYC," observed @worldoftshirts. "It looks clean so it’s worth it," stated @cocogotmilk. That's a big deal when it comes to hotels- it's not worth skimping on your hotel stay if you bring home a bedbug infestation from a filthy room!

If you're looking for something in Manhattan on an even tighter budget, we'd suggest something like the HI Hostel. However, if you're not comfortable sharing a room with strangers, or you want to be in the heart of Times Square, this Pod Hotel is a comfortable, clean, and competitively priced option!