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Plus-Size Traveler Shares Important Warning About Booking Accommodations

A majority of adults in both the United States and the United Kingdom are considered overweight. Despite more people being actually overweight than underweight in these countries, larger people can sometimes still struggle to find accomodations that suit them, especially when traveling abroad. This story from a prominent plus-sized world traveler is a warning to other plus-sized travelers to fully research your accomodations before booking!

TikTok personality @kirstyleannetravels is a popular plus-sized travel vlogger. She shared a story about how a lack of research ended up undermining her enjoyment of her accomodations while staying in Indonesia.

We're sorry that Kirsty wasn't able to make as much use out of her accomodations' amenities as she hoped! Sadly, though, the reality is that many accomodations are not really built with body inclusivity in mind, especially in countries where the average BMI is much lower. It's a harsh reminder that as unfortunate as it may be, plus-sized travelers may want to do a little extra research to determine whether or not a potential place will be well-suited to them.

That said, we were a little concerned about the accomodations themselves, to an extent- namely that the roof hot-tub seemed to have a fairly thin margin when it came to weight limits. "I get the netting, but any roof with a hot tub that could be toppled by a few hundred pounds is terrifying…" said @chandlerbear206. "I would never think to ask if 2 people can get in the hot tub together. Everyone saying poor planning have NEVER asked that question before booking," stated @disrespectfulmouth. We agree that if the weight limit is so small, those numbers should have been included on the website.

Kirsty was very understanding to the people who rented out the villa to her, but she did clarify in the description: "It’s also a great example of why having weight limit info easily accessible on your website would be helpful to so many people…" It would make the research a lot easier for plus-sized travelers trying to make an important decision regarding their accomodations. If you're a plus-sized traveler struggling to find this info for a potential booking, don't be afraid to reach out and ask for clarification! You should be able to book accomodations that allow you to enjoy your trip to its fullest.

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