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Video of the 'Plaza Hotel' Decked Out for Christmas Is Just Magical

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No place in America does Christmas quite like New York City. Everything in NYC is BIG, over-the-top, and full of fabulousness and gorgeousness! The famous Plaza Hotel gets absolutely decked out this time of year, and the spectacular holiday decorations are just so magical, you can't help but get into the spirit.

TikTok content creator @newyorkmagic shares a twinkling clip that will surely get your toe tapping and on the lookout for Santa. How does Santa get down that chimney anyway? LOL

The Plaza's lobby is festively adorned with the most attractive Christmas trees, sparkling lights, and decorations. Everyone visiting NYC during the holiday season should definitely plan to visit. Pop in, enjoy a hot chocolate or hot toddy, and take in all the magnificence. 

TikTok fans are raving about this destination. User @woodlissa writes, "On my bucket list. Hope to make it there in the next 5 years." Honestly, everyone should have it on their list. Viewer @lweb95 states, "I just literally told my husband it is a dream of mine to stay there during the holiday season. SO beautiful!" It certainly looks so dreamy, a happy place for sure! Fan @benjaminmoore simply declares, "So magical!" 

New York City and The Plaza Hotel never, ever, disappoint. Imagine Christmas decorations to the max and multiply that by 10! Even if you're a Grinch, you'll most certainly get bitten by the Christmas bug here. It's almost impossible not to! A visit to New York City at Christmas is a true gift to anyone who has the chance to make the trip.

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