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Video of Plane Making Emergency Landing in Puget Sound Is Pretty Incredible

Despite the complexities of flying an airplane, and the fear of heights plane trips trigger for many people, air travel is on average much, much safer than driving a car for even a short distance. Planes have to constantly undergo inspections, and pilots must meticulously follow strict protocols that keep them and other flyers safe from takeoff to landing. Because of this, plane crashes are pretty rare- but that makes them all the more dramatic when they do happen.

One such crash was caught on video and shared by the official @todayshow TikTok account. In it, we see a Cesna pilot attempt an emergency landing in the Puget Sound near Seattle, WA. This video is absolutely nerve-wracking.

Honestly, we're shocked that the pilot was able to land the plane as smoothly as he did, especially near a crowded beach! While that flip near the end looked rough, we are relieved to learn that the man was not seriously injured. Luck was on his side right then. "Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing," concurred user @groffel124. Well said.

Here's where the plot thickens. One commenter claimed to have personal experience with this craft. "I’ve flown this plane, based out of BFI belonging to Alternate Air. Owner has a reputation for lying about maintenance." commented @thelowlead. "He called it a “rental company” to avoid doing 100 hours but then you could literally go online and book instructors lol. And non A&Ps did the annuals." '100 hours' refers to the frequency of inspections- most smaller aircraft need to be inspected after every 100 hours of flight time. If this standard was not met, this could have lead to a mechanical failure which caused the crash- provided there's substance to these rumors.

We're just glad the pilot was alright. If it does turn out that poor maintenance led to this crash, we hope those responsible are held accountable. However, we don't yet know if this is the case- we'll have to wait and see where the story goes!

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