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Video of Bystanders Watching Huge Plane Landing at Heathrow Takes Our Breath Away

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Now, this is super cool! We all see planes daily just by looking up to the skies above, but this video is pretty wild! What a sight to see. This huge jet airplane is within seconds of landing at Heathrow International Airport, and it is SO low, it really gives a different viewpoint of how awesome these machines truly are! 

Check out this video from TikTok creator @infiniteflightofficial, who captured this incredible footage of bystanders watching this planes' landing. Wait for it... WOW!

"You only ever experience a plane landing from great height once!" says TikTok commenter @tonya008. HA! We love the sarcasm. "It still amazes me that a plane can fly," writes @beclb92. YES, it just confirms just how much technology and machinery can accomplish. We think it's mind-blowing! "Don’t all planes have to land super low?" asked @trefoils89. Very true, but still, it's a bit of a different perspective when it's landing directly over one's head!

We recommend everyone doing this at least once. Pack your video camera, grab your BFF, and head to your closest airstrip. Find a safe place to watch an aircraft coming in for landing. You will absolutely gain a better appreciation and perspective of just how massive in size a jetliner is. Oh, and don't forget your earplugs!