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Hike That Leads to an Abandoned Plane Crash Site in New Hampshire Is Downright Creepy

Plane crashes are rare, which makes them all the more shocking when they do happen. Depending on how severe the crash is, it can range from terrifying to tragic in its outcome. After the crash, though, what happens to the plane itself? Sometimes, it's recovered, but in other cases, it's left abandoned on land like an earthbound shipwreck.

TikTok user @ptmacho16 is an avid hiker who loves exploring abandoned places. While walking through the woods of New Hampshire, he visited the long-abandoned site of a plane crash from the 1950s. Here, he gives us a view of the site with a little backstory.

This is downright eerie. This wrecked plane has just been left on this mountainside for nearly 70 years now! The cabin is at least partially intact, which made us wonder how the poor passengers fared on that doomed flight so many years ago.

We would actually learn the answer in the comments. "How many lost their lives?" asked @yankboy21. "2," responded the video's creator. "They actually died of exposure.. and took 2 days for rescuers to get to the crash site," expounded @darenjamesadair. Those poor people. We're glad the numbers weren't much worse, however. The difficulty accessing the area must be why the wreckage was left there on the mountain, too, where it now sits as a grim and solemn reminder of the tragic crash.

If you're curious about seeing the site yourself, it's on Mt. Success near Berlin, NH. Be prepared for a bit of a hike, though. And of course, always be careful exploring wreckages and abandoned structures, as the materials may have become weakened and unstable.