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Man Sees Plane Crash From Austin, Texas Window and the Outcome Is Just Incredible

For the most part, air travel these days is quite safe. However, when you go up in a very small aircraft, there's always a risk that something won't go according to plan. That's exactly what happened to one pilot who went up for a recent flight over Austin, Texas

There's actually a video of the plane that's going viral on TikTok that was shared by @atxaidan. Believe it or not, this guy managed to capture the plane right after it had crashed into an Austin lake on video, all from looking out the window. It's definitely something you don't see everyday, and the outcome of the whole ordeal is a once-in-a-lifetime instance. Talk about a story with multiple twists and turns. Just wait until you hear this.

According to ABC News, this small plane crashed into a lake in Austin. And then this man caught the footage of it in the lake from his window. As it turns out, a paddle boarder went over and rescued the pilot, which is pretty incredible! People are going crazy over this encounter. One commenter, @cfishhh said, "Paddle boarder saving them is the most ATX thing ever." This is true. Austin is known for being a very active, outdoorsy city! But thank God that paddle boarder just so happened to be in the right place at the right time.

This whole scenario is downright wild. Some viewers are even comparing the magnitude of this plane crash to ones on the big screen. TikTok user @alexmeredith018 said, "You sure that wasn’t Tom Cruise?" The creator replied with, Top Gun: Town Lake." Sure sounds about right, doesn't it?

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