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Video of Places in the U.S. That Don't Look Real Has People Captivated

Our planet is so rich and beautiful with its grand biodiversity, its natural wonders, and the unique phenomena that cover its face, that some places on Earth don't even look like they're from Earth. Even in the United States alone, you can see staggering natural wonders and places that look like they've crossed over from another dimension.

One TikTok account, @bucketlistvisit, documents these places in the US with a video series called "Places In The USA That Don't Look Real." Some of these places are popular, but others, such as the Grand Prismatic Spring shown in today's video, are less widely known, which makes discovering them all the more shocking. It looks like the landscape of an alien planet!

This is UNREAL. The Grand Prismatic Spring is actually a part of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, but this area gets a little less publicity than the dramatic geysers of the park do. However, we're totally blown away by it. From its steaming waters to the striking contrasting colors, this place looks as if it was conjured up by magic!

People who got to see its beauty up close and personal visited the comments to recount their experiences. "I was just there last week and it's soo beautiful!!!" exclaimed user @lashedjam. "Yellowstone is still the most amazing place in all of nature, to me. My mind was blown at least 100 times a day there!" remarked user @misspentyouth2.

After that video and the many positive recommendations we found in the comments, we're dying to trek out to Wyoming and see this place for ourselves! Tourists visiting the Grand Prismatic Spring should take a few precautions though. "Better to go in the summer when it’s warm out. I went in the fall & cuz of the cool air temps there was so much steam we could hardly see the colors!" advised @prettypittiemama. And as user @kells2541 recommends, "DO NOT GO OFF BOARDWALKS/INTO SPRINGS/GET CLOSE TO WILDLIFE." As always, have fun and stay safe!