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Video of Pink Water at Great Salt Lake in Utah Is Pretty Impressive

When you think of a lake, what color do you see in your mind's eye? We bet it's probably some sort of blue-green color, maybe a brown if you look closely. But what if we told you that right now, you could go see a massive lake that's not blue, not green, not brown- but bright pink?

Every year from late summer to mid-fall, part of Utah's Great Salt Lake turns a gorgeous shade of pink. This is because pink salt-loving algae called halophiles grow in number during that time due to the heat and evaporation of water. Emily West of the TikTok account @emerleeslc_ took a trip to the Great Salt Lake to show us the rose-pink water while it's still in season.

This is so trippy. That pink color is beautiful! The way the water shimmers in the sun almost makes it look glittery too- truly, this is a gorgeous sight! However, the pink waters won't be this bold for long. While this area of the lake typically stays at least slightly pink all year round, after the peak season, the algae stop reproducing as much and the waters' color begins to change again- so check it out while it lasts! And don't worry- despite the algae's presence, the water is safe for wading or swimming.

"I feel like it tastes like strawberry lemonade. I know it doesn’t but it just gives off the vibe," commented @kyleerose0220. Honestly, we had a similar thought, and now it's hard getting rid of the intrusive idea to sip the lake water. "My sensitive skin sadly said “ha you wish”," said @k.swiz333. Yeah, if you're planning to take a long swim in these salty waters, pack a moisturizer!

This is truly and impressive sight. Our world is full of so much natural wonder and magic!