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Rare Pink Skies Over Archipelago Near North Pole Are Truly Magical

Anyone familiar with Svalbard, Norway's northernmost island in the Arctic Circle, likely knows about the annual phenomenon called "polar night." During polar night, the residents of Svalbard don't see the sun for two and a half months! However, those dark days are lit by the Northern Lights- and occasionally by even rarer phenomena, such as one that was recently visible there. 

TikTok user Cecilia Blomdahl (aka @sejsejlija) might just be Svalbard's foremost vlogger. In this installment, she talks about the ultra-rare pink skies that shone down on their Arctic archipelago. 

As if the Northern Lights weren't incredible enough on their own, sometimes the night skies over Svalbard simply turn pink and purple! A certain set of atmospheric conditions has to be met for the light to scatter this way, making this an uncommon but incredibly beautiful atmospheric event. 

There are some who would find living through polar night depressing or unnerving, but one unexpected benefit of the prolonged darkness is that it allows you to witness amazing atmospheric phenomena that aren't as brightly apparent in the daylight. Plus, with very limited light pollution from man-made sources, on clear nights the area is excellent for viewing the heavens above- don't think that we missed that shooting star! The frigid Arctic island offers incredible opportunities for some serious stargazing- if you can handle the cold, that is. 

Cecilia's ability to highlight the unexpected bright sides of Svalbard's polar night has left her viewers mesmerized. "And now pink skies? I’m gonna need someone to drop me off here for the polar night part of the year. Introvert's dream right there," aspired @jourdannex. "I honestly don't think I'll know peace until I've been to Svalbard," mused @byowenbenfield. User @pagewhite1 was totally blown away: "Shooting stars! Pink sky! Wow!"

For many people, their idea of the most beautiful place on Earth probably wouldn't be a cold, remote island in the Arctic Circle. However, even the most challenging climates can produce some of the most mesmerizing natural beauty you'll ever witness. From the Aurora Borealis to rosy pink skies at night, Svalbard's skies are full of beautiful,  unearthly magic.

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