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Video of 'Cute' Pineapple Stickers on Cruise Ship Cabin Doors Is Cracking People Up

Cruises are exciting getaways for a lot of people. After working hard and grinding for that vacation, there's nothing better than getting on board knowing that your only responsibility for the next week is to have as much fun as possible. Of course, everybody has different definitions of fun, and some people like to have a lot more fun than others...

For a totally unrelated reason, check out this video that TikTok influencer @blogionistatravels recently uploaded. On her recent cruise, she noticed that a lot of her fellow passengers were the decorating type... and some of their decorations followed a similar theme.

Aw, super cute! Pineapple decorations abound all over the cabins! "I wonder what’s the occasion. 😂😭," Blogionista muses in the video's description. It's probably just because everyone's psyched to go on a tropical cruise, and pineapples are tropical-themed, right?


If you're not aware of the deeper meaning, you might find the comment section...weird. "They want to be friends. Good friends.🍍😂," suggested @dionesia111. "It means, drop-ins are most welcome...and bring friends. 😏😂," smirked @garnetsilkk. "Aww you should knock and say hi. I bet they really friendly...." said @thelastkingofinca.

So what about these pineapples denotes such... friendliness? Well, if you don't know or haven't guessed by now- "It’s 2022 and ppl still don’t know that an upside down pineapple represents Swinger…😳," spilled @lesliluci. Yep- those pineapples imply that they're looking for maybe just a little bit more than friends- at least for the night. Right-side up pineapples aren't necessarily safe, either- "I thought upside down meant they have a party and right side up was they were willing to join a party," said @melissaalexis455. Looks like Blogionista jumped on a (literal) swingin' party cruise!

"The welcome one with the butterfly makes me think its a sweet old lady that thinks ppl just decorate with pineapples on cruises & wanted to decorate," laughed @rachymkay. If so, we're sorry for her- she probably got a lot of unexpected knocks on her door in the middle of the night!

Let that be a word of advice- don't casually decorate your cabin door with pineapples on a cruise! Or, do, if that's the action you want- just remember to always be safe!