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Pilot Explains the Truth Behind Weather-Related Flight Delays and Makes Our Heads Spin

We wonder if this situation has ever happened to you: you rush to get everything ready to make it to the airport on time, you get through your check-in and security as fast as possible- only to find out your flight has actually been delayed due to weather. But you look out the window and- not a cloud in the sky. You check the weather at your destination and it's clear over there too. So where is this "weather" they're delaying everything over?

This is frustrating and confusing for a ton of people, but it happens more often than you think. There is a genuine reason for that though, and we'll soon find out why. TikTok user and airline pilot @almostcaptainmorgan explains to us why your flight can be delayed for weather- even if your flight path is clear.

It speaks to something we really don't often think about at the airport: the airport typically doesn't just have a score of backup planes sitting around on standby. The plane for your flight has to come from another destination, and if they're delayed with bad weather wherever they're flying from, that delays things for you and every flight after you that day connected to that plane- unless they can find another plane, that is.

Airport workers empathized, having suffered through this issue time and time again. "When I was a supervisor for SWA at DAL, I had to break this down time and again. It’s not always about local…" said the exasperated @the_unbothered_sailor. "As a CSA, every time there is a weather delay I have to explain this to at least one person. "No we aren't lying to you!"," lamented @justintime7788.

Savvy passengers also chimed in with how they stay updated for their flights. "“Where’s my plane” is the best feature in Flight Aware - better than any update AA tries to give😬," recommended @iamxenny_. User @millenialtransplant echoed this advice: "This is why I check the incoming flights for my plane on Flight Aware. 😉." Sounds like Flight Aware could save airline passengers a lot of uncertainty!

At the end of the day, @thegreatwoot said it best: "If flying teaches people anything, it’s patience!!! 😂😂😂."