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Video of Pilot’s Frustrated Rant at Heathrow Airport Is Giving People Life

Air travel delays can make anyone not want to fly again. This is especially true when you’ve finally arrived at the destination and you’re stuck on the plane waiting for a spot to open up! Waiting is frustrating enough for the passengers, but unfortunately, pilots and flight attendants sometimes share that same agony! 

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @beksinthecity, she films the pilot on the loudspeaker voicing his frustrations due to the chaos at Heathrow airport. We cannot get over how hilarious his rant is! 

LOL! You gotta appreciate his honesty! It’s nice to know that the pilots also get impatient on airplanes. People in the comments are getting a laugh out of this, especially when it comes to  the bluntness of his extracurriculars. One user @lifeis2enjoy said, “Ruuudely large yacht. lol. This man is a legend. 😂. Basically, he said be quiet and we get going really fast in a few.” We laughed so hard when he was talking about his yacht, too! 

Some people are even stepping into the pilot’s shoes for the first time on what it’s like having delays at the airport. One particular commenter said, “I feel for the pilots and cabin crew who, for many, only get paid when they’re in the air, so they’re probably more frustrated than anyone.” Huh We never really thought about that. Maybe we can all have some more sympathy for pilots and the rest of the flight crew when delays occur. 

In the meantime, we sure hope this dude is off enjoying his yacht somewhere right now instead of dealing with more pre-flight headaches.

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