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Pilot's Kind Gesture Toward Breast Cancer Survivor on His Flight Has People in Tears

Breast cancer is a brutal and merciless killer that affects millions. Approximately 266,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer and 42,000 die from it each year in the United States alone. While early detection and medical advances have greatly increased survival rates tremendously, its victims still fight a brutal battle to overcome it.

Jyrl Oldham overcame incredible odds when she was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer- despite the grim diagnosis, she managed to beat the horrible disease. To celebrate her astonishing victory, she and her family took a trip to Hawai'i- and on that flight, their pilot did something incredibly touching for her, which her family member @bizmin captured on video.

This had us on the verge of tears. You can tell by their experiences that the family was totally surprised by the captain's kind announcement. We're sure Jyrl was just happy to be alive and healthy, but the pilot's recognition of her struggle and the applause of her fellow passengers must have been incredibly validating to her of the intense battle that she fought- and won. We are so happy to see her thriving, and hats off to the pilot that led his plane in celebrating her victory.

The comments are what deeply touched us the most, though, as fellow cancer survivors, current fighters, and their families came to congratulate them. "The journey is so hard, but it’s a blessing when over. Makes you adjust your priorities, accept your vulnerability along with gifts of kindness," sympathized @m3a3n3i2. "As someone who has a family member who fought and beat cancer, this is absolutely amazing!😭🙌Incredible job! Little things like this go a long way💗," congratulated

"Omg praising & ringing that bell. I ring my bell 9-23-22!!! One very long year later. CONGRATULATIONS SWEETIE," exclaimed @stephaniejohnso9657. "Totally crying! I’m S3 Ovarian Cancer & going on my 4th round of chemo. I hope to experience this!!" shared @_april_michelle_. Our hearts are with her, and we sincerely hope she gets to ring her own bell very soon.

We were very moved by this video and all the well-wishes, and we hope that Jyrl gets to enjoy wonderful experiences and good health with her family for years to come. And to all those struggling with cancer, our thoughts go out to you- we wish you all good health and a strong recovery.

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