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Viral Video of Pilot Landing His Plane on a North Carolina Highway Is Tough to Watch

Emergency landings for flights are not as uncommon as you may think. Over the course of their careers, many pilots have had to navigate how to safely land their plane within limited time and in unconventional places. 

There's a new video that's going viral on TikTok that shared by @todayshow, which shows a very dramatic emergency landing in action. In the clip, the pilot has no choice but to attempt to land his place on a busy North Carolina highway. We were on the edge of our seats watching to see if the pilot could actually land this plane safely. This isn't easy to watch.

OMG! Did you see how close the plane got to all those cars on the highway? This pilot has less than 100 hours of experience and had to land on the highway after his engine malfunctioned. We can't even imagine witnessing that. People agree that those driving by had to have been shocked, like user @maxkjones98 who said, "Imagine having the longest day of work... zoning out on the way home.. and you see an airplane coming at you." That would just be the cherry on top of a hard day on the job. Commenters are also chiming in on how lucky the pilot was to land. TikTok user @kaylianahera said, "Good thing there was that middle lane." 

We don't know about you, but some of those drivers didn't seem to care as much as you think. Some people are also noticing how unfazed some of them were. One commenter, @rainatrent, said, "Oh my God, some of those cars didn’t even SWITCH LANES." Perhaps they were simply focused on the road instead of looking up above them? At any rate, that was certainly a day no one on that highway will ever forget. 

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