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Pilot's Sweet Pre-Flight Announcement for His Parents Has Us So Moved

We love seeing touching stories of families showing each other love and appreciation. They warm our hearts and make us think warmly about the loved ones in our own lives. This video is a wonderful example, and after seeing this, we couldn't help but getting choked up.

TikTok user and professional commercial pilot owes a lot to his parents. The process of becoming a pilot is long and strenuous, but they supported him every step of the way. That's why, when they booked a couple tickets on one of his flights, he wanted to show his appreciation for them in a public way.

OMG... somebody grab the tissues!

In all seriousness though, this was such a wonderful thing to do. He wouldn't be flying today if it weren't for their love and support, and he wanted to make sure everyone knew that. Everyone in the cabin seemed equally moved by his loving announcement to his parents too!

This might work for Pilot Pete in ways he didn't expect, either. Loving and supporting your parents is a green flag for a potential partner, and many commenters picked up on this! "Desperately trying to pause the video to see if he has a wedding ring or not," quipped @lizwizdom. "Do they need a son in law? Lmk," asked @austincwilson. LOL, Pilot Pete's DMs must be blowing up right now!

But seriously, these was an incredibly touching moment, and one that his fellow pilots greatly admired as well. "Good stuff! I took my mom on a nice Aruba layover. It was awesome! Enjoy them! My mom passed last year. Miss her everyday," recalled @mrbillyho. "Cant wait to do this to for my parents. Love this" mused @el_master_of_sky. Well, we hope your chance comes soon, too!