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Video Listing Things People Tend to Forget to Pack on Cruises Is a Great Reminder

Little is worse than going on vacation and realizing while settling in at your destination, that you forgot to pack something crucial for the trip. Now your whole vacation is thrown off- that, or you're out however much the cost of a replacement item is!

We find that packing lists help us stay on top of everything we need while preparing for a vacation. TikTok travel influencer @yourstrulychelsea is no stranger to packing for vacations, and she's made her own list of the items that people most frequently forget to pack for a cruise!

This is a really interesting list. Some of these items, like wrinkle release spray and towel clips, are good to have but might not be essential for everyone. But forgetting sunscreen, aloe, and a reusable water bottle for hydration on a tropical trip? That's no good. Considering your cruise ship's store likely tacks on a significant upcharge for staple items like sunscreen and water bottles, you'll save lots of money buying these items at a store ahead of time and packing them! Don't forget that Dramamine, either- a true essential if you're prone to seasickness!

Other travelers commented with their own packing recommendations! "A small fan!! I can’t travel without it," recommended @jonkicha- definitely useful for beating the heat. "Jojoba oil if you have curly hair," said @1baby_chick. And sometimes, it's just good to review and make sure you've packed the essentials: "A friend of mine's daughter forgot to pack underwear," shared @ellenhair133. OOPS!

If you're taking a cruise sometime soon, consider adding some of these to your packing list. Being fully prepared will save you a lot of stress, money, and time, allowing you to enjoy your vacation to its fullest!