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Woman Hosts Epic 'Passport Pizza Party' After It Goes Missing

Losing your passport just a few weeks before going out of the country is a nightmare scenario. You're not going anywhere without it! If you've gotta find your passport fast, but you know you can't dig through your entire house on your own, what do you do?

This is the exact scenario that happened to TikTok user @itssarabeech. Luckily, Sara was pretty ingenious, and came up with a clever way to recruit her friends into hunting down her passport with her!

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! If our friends were in a tight pickle and needed our hel, we'd probably help them for free- but $50 and a pizza party is a reward we wouldn't turn our noses up at, either, and it's a great way to keep people moivated. And the best part is- it worked! The passport was recovered, Sara's travel plans were back on track, one of her friends went home $50 richer, and everyone went home with full hearts and bellies- that's a good day right there. 

Sara's epic "Passport Pizza Party" went viral, garnering millions of views on TikTok. Everybody was glad that she found her passport- but moreover, they were charmed by her clever idea! "Sara you may think you're irresponsible but I did not think of this extremely genius idea when I lost my passport. I never found it too!!!" admired @brat_56_. "This is genius and probably cheaper than a last minute replacement lol," praised @100proofwoman. 

"I would actually thrive at this party bc I’m so nosy and love to consensually look through peoples homes," @anna_truth admitted. "The ultimate scavenger hunt," admired @oldmaidfisk.

Of course, a few people were apprehensive at the concept of having their friends dig through everything of theirs... "OMG I could never have people go through my stuff. They would find everything they weren't supposed to," remarked @babyv3gan. "I told them nothing was off limits but I did hide the sexy things lololol," Sara admitted. Only downside of this kind of scavenger hunt- you'd either need to hide certain things beforehand, or be really comfortable with your friends!

We hope we never lose track of our passports. However, if we should ever be so unlucky, at least we have a great idea on how to recruit our friends to help us recover it!

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