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Front Desk Worker's Sweet Compliment for Guest at Paris Hotel Is Just the Best

And people claim that the French are rude.

Though certain parts of the world are more known for their hospitality than others, France has gotten a bad rep for being unfriendly. But after seeing a video like this, we might have to rethink a few things! 

One woman on TikTok, @christyswrld, shared what happened when she approached the front desk at a hotel in Paris. The first time she met the man working at the desk, she was wearing sweats and a bonnet. But after she went back downstairs, all dressed up, we — and the woman in the video — were surprised to see what the desk worker had to say.

Truly amazing that, before he would even ask what her question is, he'd take the time to compliment her like that! Then again, from what we can see in the video, she does look stunning like he says she does.

"Do you need a third member?" he asked the woman, who was at the desk with a friend. "We could be Destiny's Child. I could be Michelle, I don't mind." 

Flattery and a sense of humor will get you everywhere, my friend! And honestly, his accent is just the icing on the cake. What an adorable man! 

People in the comments are loving this dude — no wonder this video went viral. "That is the nicest and coolest Parisian I’ve ever seen," one person commented.

If only we were all lucky to meet someone like this when we check into a hotel!

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