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Charming Town Near Paris Where Van Gogh Once Lived Should Be on Everyone's Bucket List

Much has been written about the beauty of Paris, but less public attention is given to the quaint charms of the smaller villages that sit just outside of the city limits. Today, we felt that they deserved a little attention, which brings us to today's town of discussion: Auvers-sur-Oise.

This little town sits just 45 minutes outside of Paris by train, but its proximity to the City of Lights is not its only claim to fame. Auvers-sur-Oise was also once the home of famed artist Vincent Van Gogh! TikTok user @kingainfrance takes us on a brief virtual visit to the town in this video:

This little town is simply gorgeous, retaining much of its old-world charm into the modern age. For art lovers, there are placards all over the town marking some of the iconic locations which Van Gogh painted, along with their corresponding paintings! And to think this hidden gem is less than an hour outside of Paris! We'd love to see it for ourselves.

Visitors and residents of Auvers-sur-Oise alike admired the town. "I’ve been there, I cried so much when I went to the cemetery," recalled @carolbertero (Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo are buried there side-by-side). "As it’s where I live, yes it’s pretty," agreed @clelia.rbn.

Viewers also shared their recommendations of other oft-overlooked towns just outside of Paris. "There is also "Musée de la grande guerre" in Meaux which is wonderful (40 min)," recommended @chuck_fwest. "Try l'Isle Adam and Pontoise," suggested another user. "Around 1h there's Barbizon where many artists lived and is a lovely village," added another.

It's always interesting to explore places that sit off of the beaten track. If you ever find yourself visiting Paris, consider making time for a day trip to one of these towns!