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Video of Paris Commuters Stuck in Metro Tunnels Has People Freaking Out

Considering Paris is in a heat wave right now, this is even more unsettling.

Paris, France is currently trapped in a horrific heatwave, with temperatures soaring well above 100 during the daytime, and —due to the amount of asphalt and concrete in the city— lingering in the seventies overnight, so there is no chance for the heat to disperse into the atmosphere. The event is what is known as a heat dome, and city officials have been keeping hte parks open al night and even opening some schools in an attempt to assist the city’s most vulnerable residents.

These high temperatures are even penetrating underground, where subway riders are forced to endure sauna-like conditions during travel, made all the worse when the system breaks down.

On July 18, in the midst of this record-breaking heat, commuters on the metro were forced to evacuate into the underground tunnels due to an emergency report of pedestrians on the tracks. Over ten trains were stopped in the tunnels, and the passengers disembarked and made their way out in these crowded conditions on foot.

“Claustrophobia level 1000,” said one commenter after viewing the video of people edging, single file, between the stopped car and the concrete wall. Others mentioned their fear of rats.

It is unclear who is worse off in this video, the people who got out of the car and are trapped between the train and the walls, and those still stuck inside, unable to move and unsure when, if ever, their ride will resume.

“We stayed two hours on the train. It was super hot. People were feeling unwell,” a passenger told local media.

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