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Airbnb Hosts in Paris Set Up Elaborate Proposal for Couple and We're Blown Away

Paris is by and large one of the most romantic cities in the world. It's inspired so many timeless love stories, and lovers from around the world are drawn to it. What better place, then, to propose to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?

The TikTok account is run by a Parisian Airbnb host who has an apartment with a splendid view of the Eiffel Tower. One day, they got a request from a man who had booked a stay there with his girlfriend- he wanted to enlist their help in setting the scene for a romantic proposal! Being the gracious hosts that they are, and loving a little romance, they were happy to oblige.

Now this is going above and beyond, and we love to see it! They really pulled out the stops to make his proposal a special one. Is it really any surprise that she said yes? What a wonderful night that must have been!

"Cleaning up them petals though 😬," observed @clariceherring. "😂 It was worth it," replied Clearly, a small price to pay for setting up one of the best nights of someone's life!

"This is beautiful! 😍 Well done and congratulations to the lucky couple!" congratulated @chloeellenmua. "This is perfect… not in a too public place too," said another user. We agree, we loved that it was so intimate, not in public where there's so much pressure.

"I would totally let you plan my engagement! This is wow," admired @starkandco. "And in view of the Eiffel Tower that’s perfect ❤️," remarked @hmmmbesties. Honestly, it could be a scene straight out of a movie. 10/10, one of the best proposals we've ever seen!

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