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Man's Parody of Parents Preparing in Advance for a Flight Is Internet Gold

This is so spot-on and so hilarious!

If you've done it before, you know that traveling with kids should probably qualify as an Olympic sport — especially when airports are involved. There's so much prep work involved that by the time your departure arrives, you really need that vacation you're about to take. And even once your kids are older, the habits have been set, and as a parent, you are terminally early to the airport. 

The perfect illustration for this phenomenon comes in the form of a TikTok video from @artbydemarcusshawn. He captured the way parents prep for a flight in the most accurate way possible — we just have to laugh seeing ourselves (and our own parents) reflected in this video! 

In the video, this TikTok user is pretending to be a parent waking his kids up at 2 am for a flight that leaves at 1 pm. LOL! 

From then on, it's go time. He all business as he rushes around the house, telling the kids to bring their stuff out to the car, making them double check to make sure they have their IDs with them, and doing the all too familiar shuffle to make sure that all the luggage fits in the car.

This is spot-on... down to the exasperated sigh he gives when one of the kids forgot something inside and has to get his parents to unlock the house so he can go get it! We've been on the receiving end of this sigh... and many of us have been the one who sighed, too. 

Judging by the comments, it seems like a lot of people out there can certainly relate — even parents who know they're guilty of this themselves!

"I feel attacked! Omg! I did this to my kids this past June. I wouldn’t even allow my adult son to hold his passport," one mom admitted. 

Parents are gonna parent — and after all, it's better to be too early than to miss the flight!