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Woman Flies Mom's Parents Across the World to Surprise Her After Years Apart

International travel is complex and costly, and it many struggle to overcome these hurdles. This is unfortunate for people who live halfway across the world from their families. However, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it makes the reunions all the sweeter.

Kayla, or @kaylavalek on TikTok, came up with the ultimate surprise for her mom, who had not seen her parents in years. Unbeknownst to her mom, Kayla flew her grandparents in from Greece to the US, where they waited at home for Mom to arrive...

Oh this was just too sweet. There's nothing more heartwarming than reunions like these, and you can see just how blown away Mom was by the surprise. What Kayla did for both her mother and her grandparents was truly a beautiful thing- she made a much-needed reunion possible for her family. There's no gift better than the gift of family! 

This beautiful video took off and went viral, and many of its viewers came to the comments to share how charmed they were by the wonderful reunion. "Nothing feels better than a hug from your mama," said @courtneybrantley1. Oh, that one hit right in the feels. So true. "Immediately got me crying, I have to go hug my mom now," @gloomdrop exclaimed.

"Well done! She will never forget that day," praised @rockyocean194. "Who cutting them onions. I cried like this was my parents," admitted @shantesusie. We think most people can relate to the feelings of homesickness and missing family. That's why it's so easy to empathize with that sadness- and also why we cry and rejoice along with strangers as we watch their happy reunions!

We are so glad Kayla's mom got to reunite with her parents after so much time apart. What Kayla did for her family that day was truly something incredible, and the memory of that day will be cherished by her family for the rest of their lives. 

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