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Husband's Joke About His 'Paranoid' Wife at the Airport Is All Too Relatable

For many people, going to the airport is a stressful, time-crunching experience. Everything needs to go quickly and as smoothly as possible, else you may lose valuable time and potentially miss your flight! Some people take this more seriously than others, and differing attitudes between co-travelers can lead to tension, with the more casual traveler getting dragged along for a rapid ride by the more anxious one!

This TikTok, posted by TikTok user @treyg9, is a perfect demonstration of this dynamic shared by two people: one who wants to get to their gate as fast as possible, and one who wants to stop for a sec and take a breather. Trey's wife is the more punctual one in this scenario, to the point where she's just a little paranoid about their time table, as this video shows!

LOL! This video is clearly made in good fun by the couple, but seriously, we feel for her here. With all the dramatic scenes of mile-long TSA lines and insane flight delays we've been seeing in the news and on TikTok lately, it makes sense to put efficiency first at the airport now more than ever! "You gotta make sure the gate exists first before any side missions," commented user @qwertyasdfjklsemicolon. Seriously though, it can't hurt to check first!

And honestly, they actually are on a bit of a time-crunch, as user @splazaiii points out: "She's right, boarding starts in 45 minutes." It's 4:45... their flight leaves at 6... so boarding would start around 5:30. Yup, the math checks out. "Not near enough time for a pre-made burrito," laments @treyg9 in response. Look, Trey, that's what the in-flight pretzels are for!

Some people did notice one detail that adds some extra context, though: they're at the Albuquerque Sunport, which is pretty darn small. "It’s okay it’s the sunport! There’s only 1 terminal 😂," commented user @mythical_viper. OK, so maybe she's being just a *bit* overcautious here... but still, overall we're on her side!

It helps to be prepared and arrive at the airport early so that you're not in a rush. However, don't let your anxiety stop you from enjoying your trip... but still, maybe check on your gate before breakfast!